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This method results in articles that can create over 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different versions. So you can safely publish these articles with no fear of duplicate content penalties from the search engines.


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What is a spinnable article? It is shorter and random article created from a set of bigger articles. There are companies that specialize in producing such article sets. You don't need to be a mathematicians to understand that you shall not have a big set of large articles to create many unique smaller articles. So if you have 10 articles, each 50 000 words long written by good writers, you don't need to be a C programmer, JavaScript or PHP script expert to understand that you can create thousands of 500 word long unique articles. If this is a large tendency on the interent, it is not difficult to understand that it is difficult to earn money on affiliate networks.

We have seen that some article writing bots and software have disappeared, but new more sofisticated inventions like article spinning pops up. There is smart article generating software whose articles is difficult to identify. An obvious solution is to only accepte invited writers and writers that will not be related with article spinning. Like zero dope in sports is difficult (impossible) to stop, it is difficult (impossible) to avoid article and bot writing software.

Worse, If you know the method of fine elements and cURL, you can even crawl an internet site, behave like a human and indentify the bot as a known browser (user agent). Then you can use the scraped information to automatically create large articles and from that set create small unique articles. A popular definition of randomness is that if you have enough monkeys that write on a typewriter, one of them would by chance produce the collected writings of Shakespeare. Intelligent screen scrapers can be written i PHP, so there is no limit with the vast amount of online articles. As such, this short article can be embedded as a section in a large article that is used in article spinning. The method of finite elements are well known by engineers where a large complex structure is broken down in its smaller elements, analysed and merged together to the larger more complex structure. You don't need to have very special imagination to understand how this technique can be used to produce a base of large articles that can be used in article spinning. Is there red flags that can signal that a article is produced by article software. Yes there is. A missing name, a pseudonym bad or missing citations etc. are obvious signals. And like software and bots can be used to automize article writing as described above, software can of course also be used to identify the writer, the article base or that article spinning has been used to create an article. When for pratical purposes, there are billions of billions of combinations as indicated in the cite that starts this article, the task may be insolvable. When there are infinite unique combinations it is impossible.